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Napkins to NUMBERS in minutes

75% of general contractors and real estate developers store their historical data in spreadsheets. Zebel takes your spreadsheet data and transforms it into an organized database.

We integrate this database with your initial napkin sketches to generate quick and accurate cost estimates for any construction project.

Create quick construction cost estimates based on historical data.

Trusted by Leading Developers and GC's

Quick Conceptual Estimating with Instant Access to Historical Pricing

Navigate the maze of folders in your shared drive, hoping to find a recent budget. Save, tweak, update, and cross your fingers for no formula mishaps. Sound familiar? With Zebel, turn estimates around in minutes, not weeks.


Fed up with the treasure hunt in your Excel maze? Don’t worry—we’re here to rescue you with Precon concierge services. Send us your data, whether it’s neatly filed or scattered like confetti. Our precon wizards will transform it into a sleek, organized database in Zebel. No more spreadsheet headaches—focus on estimating, not spreadsheet management!

You Create QUICK and Accurate Estimates

Effortlessly retrieve your historical unit pricing from any project in your database with a few simple clicks. Zebel accommodates any unit of measure, automatically adjusting for location and escalation. With no need for data shuffling or manual calculations, our platform streamlines the process for speed and precision in your estimates.

benchmark your cost against the market

Discover the pioneering power of Zebel, the premier platform aggregating actual construction costs from general contractors and developers nationwide. Stay ahead of the curve by comparing your costs with those of other builders, ensuring your competitiveness in today’s dynamic market. And rest assured, it’s all completely anonymous. Your data is securely protected and never shared with anyone.

run a sanity check on your estimate with market data

Harness the power of Zebel analytics to tap into real market data sourced from actual projects. Slice and dice this data in various ways to ensure your estimate aligns with industry trends. Compare your spending with that of other builders to ensure you’re in the right range for your projects.

create comparison reports instantly

Effortlessly analyze project cost and design variations without the need for a new spreadsheet. Easily track project evolution from conceptual stages to final completion with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to hunting through multiple buried spreadsheets in the company shared drive. Simply select the projects and attributes you wish to compare, and let Zebel software do the rest. Instantly access relevant data in a user-friendly format, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.

side-by-side comparison made quick and easy

Focus your time on data analysis, not data collection. Instantly generate reports for your preconstruction management or clients to support the accuracy of your estimates by comparing them with other projects. With Zebel, streamline the process and ensure confidence in your estimates with ease.

for any type of construction projects






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How It Works

How it works

SEND US YOUR junk drawer

Struggling with scattered historical data in various formats? No worries! Simply send them our way, and we'll take care of the rest!


Our expert preconstruction team will consolidate your scattered files into one database in Zebel. Plus, we'll conduct takeoffs on your drawings and enrich your database with vital project metrics.


Enter project metrics such as site acreage, gross SF, parking stalls, and more. Choose comparable projects from your database, and voila! Your estimate is ready in minutes. With our streamlined process, it's quick and easy.



Say goodbye to the endless scavenger hunt for past project info! Embrace streamlined efficiency with our centralized database—your treasure trove of data! Access it securely online, anytime, anywhere, like a secret stash only you can access. Simplify your workflow and seize back your time with our convenient storage solution.


Whip up precise construction cost estimates in minutes with just the basics of your design info—it’s like magic! But wait, there’s more! Dive into the creative playground with our intuitive what-if analysis tools. Explore endless design scenarios and uncover the perfect fit for your vision and budget—all with a few clicks. With our streamlined approach, turning ideas into plans is a breeze—and a blast!

Integrated with Procore Financial

Don’t let your Procore Financials data go to waste. Seamlessly roundtrip your construction cost data from Procore back to preconstruction for estimating purposes with Zebel. With just a simple click, extract your cost data from Procore and utilize it to estimate your upcoming projects effortlessly. Zebel stands out as the only estimating platform offering such seamless integration, allowing you to effectively leverage your past Procore Financials data for estimating purposes.

Enabling better decisions for leading builders in all types of projects



We’ve crafted a solution born from our firsthand experiences as precon professionals. Elevating it to new heights, we’re proud to unveil Zebel—an amalgamation of years of expertise and dedicated R&D, now accessible to all.